Hi, I'm

Kristin Swarcheck, M.Ed., CPC.

I know what it took to get here. Whatever your journey to date has been, I know it was not easy. Sadly, that is how the ego designs it! This inner roommate or ‘voice’ in your head is never satisfied. You are never ‘enough.’ I know! Pile being a perfectionist and people pleaser on top of that and my oh my, we are in for an interesting ride.

Esther Hicks has been a great mentor to me. She relates this journey to paddling upstream. The ego has us paddling all the time….and we never arrive.

What if you got in that boat, dropped the oars, and flowed with the river?

What if you trusted in what felt good and true to YOU?

This is what enabled me to finally move beyond the upper threshold, to break through the barrier that kept me playing small, and realize my UPPERCASE life.

It took learning to surrender to access my greatness. Surrender does not mean giving up, it means coming into alignment with our still point, a pocket of vibrant aliveness, connectedness, and peace at the core of our being. Many call it our sweet spot or zero-point field. Arriving there is a delicate dance, almost like learning to ride a bike. You will sway and teeter but once you nail it, there is a memory to bring you back with the conscious pursuit and a willingness to settle into a knowing bigger than you.

My work with clients brings them into their still point. It is my gift. Just like the greatest athletes of all-time, they break through barriers to unleash their full potential. This is where life becomes magical for me, for them, and for those they lead.

Mindfulness affords them the opportunity to relive the still point as often as they desire. Studies show this zone is where people are happiest. External possessions are secondary. It is an inside-job to arrive at this sacred state. I’m honored to be a guide.

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