We live in a dynamic, fast-paced, and ever-changing world. Now, more than ever, mindfulness is key to bringing calm, clarity, focus, and awareness into a demanding life.

Known for bridging spirituality and business, Kristin offers a range of keynotes and workshops (from 1 hour to 2 days) that are inspirational, experiential, and immediately actionable.

Participants learn meditation practices, stress reduction techniques, emotional intelligence skills, and how to cultivate more resilience as a leader.


“It is one thing to talk eloquently on the subject of mindfulness and it is quite another to actually walk the talk. Kristin definitely embodies her teachings.”

“Kristin gave an inspiring presentation on ‘Cultivating Resilience & Leading from the Inside Out’ at a conference I attended in 2019. The session was packed, demonstrating the popularity of the topic. With insights on how to mindfully navigate the disruptive times while leading with vulnerability and power, Kristin’s presentation was a highlight of the conference for many in attendance.”


There is nothing like taking people out of their environment and holding space for their transformation. Visionary leaders are stepping up to transform from the inside out – whether in person or via a virtual retreat format.

Join Kristin for an experience of a lifetime to:

  • Master an incredibly powerful, proven process for emotional resilience and personal freedom
  • Discover how to transform your thoughts and core beliefs
  • Connect to a greater sense of purpose and a more fulfilling and vibrant life
  • Learn to take 100% responsibility for your life experience, and powerfully align with a guiding force for real, lasting change
  • Receive a full reset and appreciate the importance of self-care
  • Experience the power of a purposeful pause and the inner wisdom it offers
  • And much more….


A greater sense of:

  • Awareness
  • Happiness
  • Vitality
  • Acceptance
  • Compassion
  • Inner Peace
  • Worthiness
  • Self-love
  • Wisdom
  • Confidence
  • Clarity
  • Purpose
  • Mindfulness
  • “The retreat is a true game-changer!”
  • “The 7 days are incredibly powerful.”
  • “It is practical, simple, and transformative.”
  • “Kristin knows how to get you un-stuck and feeling liberated.”
  • “The intimate setting and small group foster a sense of community while healing from the inside out.”
  • “It brings success where other methods have failed.”
  • “The tools and practices shared can be easily integrated for ongoing maintenance.”
  • “I’m leaving feeling whole and worthy.”
  • “I’m in full gratitude for this life-changing experience.”
  • “The deep immersion, lack of distractions and acceptance of the person I REALLY am has made me feel loved in a way I have never felt before.”